You are currently viewing StreamEasy application free download apk v1.6.4:

StreamEasy application free download apk v1.6.4:

What is Streameasy:

This is the time where every famous influencer wants to do live streaming. But with traditional default streaming options are not sufficient to showcase creativity. Also sometimes the audience wants to donate money for charity but this also is not convenient in default applications. Creator can use Streameasy software to overcome all the difficulties mentioned above.

This software is for live and on demand streaming videos. One of the main features this software offers the capability to establish live interaction between the viewer and the intended audience. It can also collect demographic data through custom registration fields. Other alternatives StreamEasy also provides include private branding with white labels and a scrolling message board streaming video and video chaptering. PayPal integration for shopping, donations, and pay-per-view-based events.

StreamEasy Procedure:

  1. Sign Up :

Initially user has to sign up with the software web based portal. Sign up process is completely free. Just in few simple steps user can get started with stream easy.

  1. Downloading application from Playstore:

We have to download the application from Playstore. Then we have to login with the account we just created on portal.

The best feature of  this software is that user can get custom made alerts on the screen without any interruption.

Unique Features:

  1. Interface is User friendly
  2. Creators can watch Real time feed
  3. Creators can select color at ease
  4. Customize alert is Unique feature given by this software
  5. User can use various Font and Animations to improve streaming experience for audience.

Pricing Structure:

It  has 3 Plans for all the users:




We will suggest users to start using Basic plan which is freely available. Later based on the requirement user can upgrade the Plan easily. Basic plan includes 10 alerts per month and donation data storage is completely free.


Streameasy application is very useful for the creators/influencers as it allows users to interact directly with the audience. Also, users can conduct any donation-based charity work at ease with Streameasy application. Developers has kept the pricing for the application very competitive. We will highly recommend to use this application. Also if anyone is already using this please share feedbacks in below comment section

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1. What is Streameasy?

Streameasy allows creators to stream in a good looking and professional way. With stream easy donation alert too, streamers can display UPI Payments of audience.

2. What is the subscription cost of Streameasy?

There are 3 plans of Streameasy. The pricing starts from Rs 10 and it goes up to Rs20 per month. However Basic Plan at Streameasy is completely free.

3. Which are the best live streaming app ?

These are the top alternative for Streameasy:

  1. Gostream
  2. Streameasy
  3. Easylive
  4. Super live
  5. StreamLabs

4. What is the validity of Streameasy Basic Plan?

Basic Plan is completely free for Lifetime. User has to just sign up and user can use this application.

5. Is Streameasy safe to use?

Yes. It is completely safe to use. Hence user can do a quick live stream with this application.

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