You are currently viewing MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2023 (No Ads)

MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2023 (No Ads)

MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2022 is the most frequently used MPEG4 and movie player for Android, in addition to the standard players. It offers greater control and highlights to its users when watching films using the Android device. In essence, it is a video player at the forefront, and gives greater flexibility in comparison with VLC or any other video player available. If you’re not having too much hassle, remember that you need to purchase the membership of MX Pro to refresh using APK record.

MX Player Pro backings almost every known video and codec, including FLV, AVI, DIVX MOV, MKV MP4, MPG, WEBM WMV, XVID with the possibilities endless. If you try to play an unsupported video, MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2022 will stimulate the user to install an additional free codec pack which will most likely resolve the problem. The functions included in MX Player Pro Mod are Hardware acceleration, Multi-center Decoder Subtitle signaling, Multi-center Decoding and other features. If you don’t want to purchase, at this moment, you can currently, download the basic version of the MX Player Mod Apk. It is freely available through the Play Store as well as on our website. It is able to provide the similar features as the standard Video Player application can do. It can also provide extra features that are highly appreciated.

MX Player Pro is one of the best applications for watching videos on your smartphone. It is said that only your phone installed the app which has evolved into an effective video play tool similar to PC. It is an adaptable and flexible way to modify video with ease. J2 Interactive is a manufacturer of top quality products and has earned the trust of many in the industry. J2 Interactive has produced a number of MX Player versions. They have received plenty of positive and encouraging feedback by the user community. Versions with multiple uses and also customizing, support and bug fixes.

The attitude of this studio when it comes to its products is extremely professional and admirable. Its Android operating system has been hailed as among the most powerful operating systems that run on the majority of mobile devices in today’s. It’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones, and also being open-source, allowing an array of applications to be created. The default applications aren’t the most diverse, and not able to meet the requirements of the user, usually watching videos with ease. This is why users are inclined to explore other applications to get the most user-friendly experience regardless of the fact that the difference is not that significant. Most of the time you will find that MX Player is a popular choice. MX Player, a video player with a number of features, is able to provide users some of the most enjoyable videos or viewing experiences.

MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD Procedure (2022):

The following are the steps you must follow to download the version:

  • To introduce this player to the world you must open the Google Play Store.
  • Then, you can start Google’s search box.
  • Type MX Player Pro.
  • Go to the application, and then pay PKR 610 by credit or debit card.
  • The application will start by introducing.
  • Get the most out of this app for the rest of your life.

MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 FEATURES:

  • System Stream Playback: MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2022 streams video files over the web for example, using distributed storage, so it has the immediately accessible URL. It is not able to stream from websites such as YouTube without the need for complicated coding. It’s not worth the effort to use YouTube. YouTube application.
  • Playback Continues: Uncertainly, when you shut down the application or stop playback on the video, and when you return to it at a later date, MX Player can continue from where it left off the previous time, or restart from where it left off. It will ask which you prefer from the choices of both.
  • Foundation Audio Playback: Set this option to be enabled and MX Player will continue playing your video, regardless of whether you restrict the application or switch to something else and allow you to listen as you send an instant message or search for something on the internet.
  • Subtitles: Also, you can use the option to add subtitles in this program in order that you are able to watch films and receive captions in nearly every language across the globe. It is possible to have the subtitles encoded in the language you require.
  • Kids Lock Mode: This feature it is possible to lock the movie’s screen, which makes it difficult to reduce the application. This is a great option the time you want to watch with your kids. But, you must stop them from opening other applications, making calls and other things like that.
  • Multi-Core Decoder: MX Player is the primary Android video player, which enhances multi-center decoding. Test results have shown that the display of double-center gadgets can be up to 70% more effective than single-center devices.
  • “Pinch and Zoom”: Zoom in and out by pressing and then swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan is also accessible via the option.
  • Subtitle Gestures: Scroll forward and backwards to go straightaway up and down to shift message from one place to another, zoom up and down to adjust size of content.
  • No ads: The application is with a paid version that means you must pay a certain amount it will grant you access to many features to open. One feature is the no promotion feature that allows users to be able to avoid advertisements when viewing the motion images and videos.
  • Faster hardware: This app is equipped with hardware acceleration feature that makes use of the high-performance HW+ and HW, and SW decoders in order to boost the speed of processing. This means that the audio and images are dramatically improved. But, it is important to use the correct decoder for the correct media file in order for the best outcomes.
  • Use the multi-core processor: With the majority of smartphones today with quad-core processors, octave-core processors and even stronger ones. It’s a shame that apps can’t benefit from these technological advancements. The J2 Interactive’s designers J2 Interactive know what they’re doing and have accomplished a superb job of introducing these amazing features that make use of the capabilities of the processor with multi-core. This means that videos load quicker and each command executed more efficiently.
  • Stop your children from playing with your phone: Allowing your kids to play videos on your smartphone is the most effective way to keep them quiet and obeying. But, they’re prone to be curious and they’re not be content to sit and sit down to watch their videos. In reality, the majority of kids will attempt to “abuse “your phone” by touching on the screen, which allows hundreds of unintentional commands. The best solution for this is to utilize “kid lock” or “touch screen lock” to stop your child from calling or doing non-related activities while watching videos.
  • Experience the mod version: That means that If you’re not a fan of ads and want to try the professional version, test our modified version. If you visit our web page and downloading our MX Player MOD APK 1.44.5 DOWNLOAD 2022 file onto your device and enjoy an unadvertised experience and not be annoyed. Additionally, in order to decrease the size of storage required by this player we’ve removed all the languages, other than English and Russian making the application a lot less. So, you’ll be able to enjoy this amazing application without sacrificing any storage space. To make the application faster and smaller the developers have eliminated useless features as well as used the code to speed up the app. Additionally, users who are bored of the default colors are able to alter the color scheme based on their personal preferences.



  • Acceleration of Equipment: It provides the complete equipment with increased speed.
  • Multiple arrangement: There is a great variety of formats that are defended by one media player.
  • caption support The Caption support also includes captioning, allowing people can access captions on their own.
  • Interpretation: It additionally supports the multi-bolster sorting out.
  • Modifications: It offers a variety of options for customization to the users.
  • Audio: It is possible to change audio sounds anytime they it is required, since this feature is also accessible within.
  • There are no ads: There are no ads in this version because it’s paid.


  • Paid: The main issue in this player’s media player is that it’s paid. It’s priced around PKR 610 and comes with a free version. The free version comes with numerous promotions which are the reason why people must purchase the paid version. There are many people who cannot pay for these apps and games.
  • It can be very slow if you are using the wrong coder: While the app has three powerful decoders you may encounter stuttering images or poor audio quality when using the incorrect decoder. To prevent this from happening, you must let the app select the most appropriate decoder instead of influencing the process by choosing the decoder by hand.


With a variety of amazing features and robust decoders MX Player Pro is definitely the most effective media player on Android devices. Therefore, you aren’t likely be disappointed with MX Player installed on your devices. If you’re searching for the top video player apps that will give you the most satisfying experience when watching videos or movies, “MX Player” will be the ideal option. It does not just assist users arrange their folders with movies or videos as well as analyses subtitle formats and also supports a variety of editing tools.

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