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Clash Of Clan Hacks (2023)

Finish Game Developer Supercell has published and developed a freemium mobile strategy video game named CLASH OF CLANS. It was released on August 2, 2012, on the Google Play store for Android. It was released on October 7, 2013, for the iOS Platform.

Clash of Clan game story revolves around the fantasy-themed persistent world where the user is the village’s chief. IN clash of clan, user can build their town by using the resources gained from attacking another user’s village. Players need to train different kinds of troops using resources. In short, there are three main types of resources. They are Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Clash of the clan has the feature in which users can join villages for creating clans, a group of people up to 50. All the people can join the clash wars together; they can chat and donate and receive troops. Clash of clans has become quite famous nowadays, and it has received many positive critics from its users.

Other games developed by the same developer, Supercell, are Clash Royale, launched in 2016. The other three are Clash Quest, Clash Minis, and Clash Heroes. in April 2021, found these games

In this article, we will be discussing Clash of Clan Hacks. Also, how to download the Clash of clan mod apk file. Clash of Clan games comes under Top Grossing Game in play store. We will be sharing Clash of Clan Hacks for both Android and IOS. By this time, you would have figure out Clash of Clans is based on creating Villages. To make those villages, the user must be aware of various Clash of Clan Hacks. Knowing Clash of Clan Hacks can build a town smoothly, and attacking another town will become easy. Hence, we are sharing information with the user on Clash of Clan hacks. We will also discuss the procedure of getting resources to attack another village in your respective email ids. Hence the no of villages is increased with these resources.

However, for increasing the base of villages user requires coins to create a village. Clash of clan application can purchase another clan currency. But don’t worry, we will give you the information about all the clash of clan hacks. Such that our users should not worry about creating a village. This blog will provide everything. We request our users to stay connected till the end of this blog. Also, the regular players are aware that clash of clan developer provides free currency once in a day in their gaming platform. Also, various websites offer free currency, which we will tell further while covering Clash of Clan hacks.

Various types of Clash of clan games are available. Below is the list of the kinds of clash of clan games; however, we don’t have information of Hacks of all the fun:

  1. Boom Beach
  2. Brave Conquest
  3. Castle Clash
  4. Clash of Lords 1 & 2
  5. Dawn of Titans
  6. Emporea
  7. Gods of Olympus
  8. Lords Mobile
  9. Siegefall
  10. Stick War: Legacy.

Out of 10 types of Clash of clan games, we have picked which we find is the best type of village attacking games. We have liked the clash of clan games only. So, we will be discussing further clash of Clan games. We will also provide information about the clash of clan games hack.


In this game, the players form clans, train troops, and attach other players to earn resources. It is a multiplayer game in which players are responsible for creating communities. Mainly, there are four currencies in the game. Gold and Elixir can upgrade defences and traps that protect players’ villages from other players’ attacks. ELIXIR and Dark Elixir are used for upgrading troops. Also, they have the category of premium currency which is termed as GEM.

One of the includes in which users can attack a series of fortified goblin villages. By attacking villages, users can earn currencies such as Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.

For performing an upgrade, a free builder is required. However, the game starts with the two builders. But the user has the option to group to five builders by buying them with gems. There is the 6th type of building also but reaching that level is quite tricky. For getting that level user has to unlock the OTTO in Builder Base 9.

As we discussed, we will share about Clash of clan Hacks. Let us tell the introduction of Clash of clan first:


          Players must create and build gold mines and gold storages to earn and store gold and Elixir. Similarly, the same process we have to follow for Elixir Collectors and Elixir Storages.

Elixir is used for researching in laboratory and upgrading troops. The Gold currency is used for boosting the town hall. Dark Elixir becomes available at Town Hall 7. For creating Dark spells, we have to first train Dark Elixir troops. It helps the user to earn and store dark Elixir. At Townhall 9, Archer queen becomes available.

Defensive gets available at Town Hall 11, and also get access to a new hero- The Grand Warden in this level. Giga Tesla is installed on the town hall. After Townhall 12. Townhall 13 gives the user access to the Scattershot building and Royal Champion Hero. Town Hall 14 unlocks the Pet house. At level 4 a new building is opened. Once the player level is increased, the Player can build walls for a town hall.


Mainly throughout the games, there are two types of Barracks, namely Barracks and dark barracks. Also, two types of spell factories that is spell factory and dark spell factory. Barracks are created with the help of Elixir. Similarly Dark spell is created with Dark Elixir

For spell factory, a standard spell factory can be created using Elixir. And for Dark spell factory, dark Elixir is used. All the spells and troops have their characteristics.

At Townhall 12, we can do the workshop. This building can make four types of siege machines: the wall wrecker, the battle blimp, the stone prison, and the siege.

Barracks was introduced in March 2020. Some troops have special abilities, which are named SUPERTROOPS.


In a clash of clans, the clan stands for players who join together to support each other materially and verbally by giving advice. The significant important role of making a clan is helping users whenever clan wars happen. Whenever a player attacks an opposing clan, the user receives the no of stars, demonstrating the amount of destruction. Destroying 50% gives the user 1 star, and by eliminating the entire town hall, the user receives 1 star. By destroying the whole base user receive the remaining three stars.


The update, which Supercell released on May 22, 2017, has the Builder Base game mode to the game. This new feature allows the user to sail to a new island and create a new village on that island. And also, they are allowed to develop the different set of the building.

The feature which we like the most was that in mode; users could attack each other simultaneously. Whoever does the most damage receives the most of the stars.


Also, Supercell introduced one new feature in which clan members could work together to complete tasks that would earn clan points. Rewards get unlocked after the user has collected enough levels. The player also gets the option of selecting a bonus as per their wish. Also, the time to time reveals the offers which directly or indirectly give rewards to the user.

10 Tips for Clash of Clan Hacks (2021):

In this blog, we will tell you hacks that you can follow and can get three stars. Advance and Beginner players can also get an advantage from this article. By following this, you can stand out in your clan, and you can be one of the best players. Hence let’s get into this:

  • Tip-1 PLANNING

We must think out of the box. Just attacking another player’s base will not work but attacking them with the proper plan is critical. There are many Ins and outs of this game that many attackers don’t know. Hence Planning plays a crucial role. Accordingly, it would help if you planned to do the multiplayer attack, clan war league attacks, social challenges, and always try to push your boundary harder to improve the thought process.

Steps involved Planning:

  1. First, check if the base you are attacking has any weakness, and then you can quickly get to the town hall from the base. The swede entry is suitable for that. Do you have ideal pathing, maybe this air defense at the corner of the base that you can easily pick off?
  2. You need to look at the base’s weakness and try to think of the troop strength. And to go against that, you might also think of your favourite strategy. Maybe you are a hybrid player; perhaps you are a dragon attacker. Whatever is your system, you can find the base which suits your design and can attack with full swing.

We can see the dragon plans the minimal splash to one area of the base to utilize the dragons and the bats in unison. Still, it all started with your entry to create pathing for the dragons which take down the town hall, so really think about what you can use in terms of phases for your attack. Can you start with a soul entry or a queen charge entry or a kill squad entry, and irrespective of the strategy you are using to finish off the base, you might be able to use things interchangeably Just set up the attack where it makes the more sense and plans to finish off with their different method to help you get the three stars.


It is one of the most critical skills in the clash of clans. “Funnelling”: There are many things that are not attack-focused, but still, we think funneling is the vital tip. It acts as a silver bullet of the clash of clans. Hence you have to get this right. You have got to set up the funnel for your troops to get into the piece.


This tip sounds like it is not essential. But let us tell you it is vital to learn every clan’s troop; this expands to every spell in every building. But first and foremost, the most important is understanding the troops. The user might notice now that all the tips that are telling blends to some extent. There is a reason for this once you combine the information, you can get most of the clash of clan game. You can start customizing your attacks by observing the strength and weakness and by looking at the base which you are about to go up against, and use their troops to their advantage in some regions of the base in which you can really perform well and increase your chances of a three-star now.

As Clash of clan gradually unlock your troops so you can get the opportunity to know their strengths and weakness of the troop. Once you start getting into detail, you begin getting details that will eventually help you get the best success once you start learning your craft. It also increases the chances of you getting 3-Star

  • Tip-5 The Meta.

This tip is about learning the matter. The matter is the process of understanding what troops are more vital within the game. Therefore, you should be trying to hone on what are the best troops and what are the worst troops. It is also true in terms of the base design. You can multiply times base on one war. Hence you only needed one plan, and you will get the three stars again and again. So, you can start learning the popular bases, internet bases. People grab the internet links, and they spread, which makes them incredibly popular.

By observing the base continuously, we should try to learn technique to beat that base. The hybrid, which is hogs and miners for the townhall 13, is very much in the meta right now. It is vital is as ever, and you might be thinking about what troops are in the matter now and how to know what’s strong and weak. At this point of time  practice play an important role. You can also check our blog and YouTubers, which will tell you which matter is in trend from time to time. Also, but make sure you are holding on to those strategies for the best success.

  • Tip-6 Adjusts attacks.

This trick to learning to stay calm and to adjust. In this latter half of the tips are a little broad. But still, we would like to talk about this trick as it is essential. They are not necessarily what you might have thought. For example, if you have left your building standing, that was important as a part of your funnel just having that recognitions the attack is going on and that greater awareness is vital to adjust to mid-attack.

There are chances when you cannot get three stars. It doesn’t mean you start panicking and press buttons on the game and start flying in your troops. You have to stay calm, adjust the plan and make sure you can get the highest percentage possible it might be that from your initial thoughts of where you would send in your troops, you need to adjust that. please send them in that top of the town hall to at least guarantee that will give you two stars because in the clan wars leagues or allegedly attacked, you do not want to miss the two stars, so it might be adjusting from the three-star mentality to the two-star mentality

  • Tip-7 Analyze attacks.

It is essential if you fail or something goes wrong but even if you are successful, if you get a three-star, think about anything about that attack that you could have done differently. Perhaps your queen didn’t get as much as value. Why was your plan different from the initial attack because this is where you analyze your spell? You will then start to learn from that and improve. The people who will never improve in clans’ clash are the people who do not watch their attacks back and think about what they could have done differently, like anything in life. You need to think about your attacks and look at what you could have done differently, leading to more three-star in the future.

  • Tip-8 PRACTICE

This tip may sound obvious, but still, we want to give you advice on why it is essential to practice now; many people fall into this trap that they see an attack perhaps on YouTube they go away. They try it once, and they say, oh, that didn’t work. I tried it, and it doesn’t work.

It’s a pure attack when it just requires a lot of practice it requires planning to understand the matter attacking the suitable base the thing; we have discussed, however, think about the good old saying of 10000 hours to master a skill now I don’t think it’s that drastic in clash of clans. Still, you need to practice your attacks to get better when you consciously practice, not just randomly doing it. But analyzing your attacks, looking at what you could have done differently, and continuing to hone in on your skills from there now, there are many ways you can do that friendly challenge is the main one. You might practice specific parts of the attack. For example, you might hone in on a queen charge first forgets about the rest.


Enjoy gaming is an essential part of getting better. If you make this a cure and try too hard, you put too much pressure on yourself that you don’t enjoy it, then it’s not going to be helpful for you. You must take all these tips and want all the leads while implementing them in a practical mode to get better.


Using your clanmates, getting feedback is a clash of clans uses your clanmates. Ask your clan mates when you have a plan set for a war attack what you think of this. Is there anything you would change? Maybe if you fail on the episode and analyze it again, ask your clanmates what you think you would have done differently and do the same from their point of view. It improves your enjoyment and your involvement in social interaction, and it also helps you with practicing with adjusting and analyzing and adjusting your attack and is really is the core aspect of this clash of clan games

Here the Clash of Clan hacks blog is completed. Also we have done research on other topics like How to download GTA Vice City in laptop and Coin Master Free Spin. Please refer that also.

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